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This section contains our range of Beekeeping clothing from Swienty, a Danish based company, who we feel offer the best quality at brilliant prices, plus all of the veils now come with a double thickness section in the hat and are fully adjustable.

We recommend looking at our sizing guide when choosing your clothing, however if you place an order and it doesn’t fit we will be happy to exchange it for an alternative size. Please view our returns page for more information.

Children's Suits and Jackets are identical in design to the Adults sizes and are made from hard wearing polyester-cotton which is easily washed and keeps its shape. All the Childrens' range are zero rated for VAT - so no VAT to pay!

All our clothing has a round hat and veil as we believe this is superior to the fencing style of veil. The latter can sometimes allow bees to sting the face if the veil is distorted, by for example the wind.

The hat in our designs gives shade (essential for children) and importantly it also shades the veil itself making it much easier to see through in strong sunlight. Fencing style veils with mesh on the top of the hood can suffer from the sun shining on the inside of the veil mesh which makes it much harder to see through as the eyes will keep trying to focus on the veil itself. 

If you require any additional information, please feel free to contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help.