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paradise honey British National Super




This British National Super will take 10 Hoffman or 9 Manley frames, our full range of frames and foundations can be viewed here.

Our Polystyrene (Poly) hives offer exceptional thermal performance and durability whilst maintaining an ergonomic design. This means a higher honey production compared to wooden hives, but with minimal weight. These types of polystyrene hive do not use crown boards, instead we have an in built feeding system for fondant so that you don't need an eke.

You can find all of British National complete hives HERE. All components avilable to buy separately

Please see our FAQ page for details of instructions and painting  HERE


Customer Reviews (2)


Painted Paradise National Hives are gorgeous. I have the green one and it looks fab. All my hives are Paradise and they are superb quality, lightweight yet robust. Thank you Modern Beekeeping for super service.

Quick and easy to put together!

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