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Our Polystyrene (Poly) hive offer exceptional thermal performance and durability whilst maintaining an ergonomic design. This means a higher honey production compared to wooden hives, but with minimal weight. These types of polystyrene hive do not use crown boards, instead we have an in built feeding system for fondant so that you don't need an eke.

A complete high density polystyrene (EPS) British National hive from leading manufacturer Paradise Honey consisting of:

British National roof
British National floor and varroa mesh
1 Brood Box 
2 Supers
Queen excluder
Varroa tray
Entrance reducer
Premium hive strap
Hive screws

Please note - Frames and Foundation available to buy separately. 

You can find all of British National complete hives HERE. All components avilable to buy separately

Please see our FAQ page for details of instructions and painting  HERE

If you require any additional information, please feel free to contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help.


Customer Reviews (2)


I recently bought a new paradise poly hive after using two second hand ones as wanted to keep the same design. Great product easy to assemble and they are lovely look at. The new entrance block is much better with the enlarged ends for drones. Delivery was a little longer than normal but in The middle of Covid it was to be expected and a phone call to check on it confirmed the delivery date. I have painted them green and a soft dusky pink. Thank you Everyone at Modern Beekeeping!!

After extensive back surgery, I thought my beekeeping days were long gone. Thank goodness for these poly hives, I can now lift them without doing myself some serious damage!! Thanks Paul - John, Basingstoke

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