Extended information, hints and tips and resources for beekeepers wishing to keep in touch with others, learn more, improve their beekeeping skills or find other ways of doing things.

Bee Craft - The official journal of the British Beekeepers' Association, with an information centre, news and beekeeping courses.

The Barefoot Beekeeper - A site dedicated to sustainable, chemical-free beekeeping. Includes a guide to building a top bar beehive.

Natural Beekeeping - A similar site to the one above.

Beemaster - A large and active international bee forum, guides, courses and more.

The Hive & The Honeybee - One of the largest digitized apiculture libraries in the world - there is a vast number of articles and books to read online here.

Beekeeping The Natural Way - Information on how things used to be done in the old days, with all-natural beekeeping management.

Beekeeping Library - A selection of historical, mythical and factual articles about all aspects of bees and beekeeping, from honey to wax to stings and treatment.

International Bee Research Association - A non-profit organisation promoting the value of bees through informational books and journals.

Canadian Beekeeping Guide - An introduction to beekeeping and some information about the area, with the beekeeping year and costs summarised.

MaineBee - A range of links and sections with interesting research and articles for various journals, plus links, tips and event listings (although this is limited to American events).


Buglife - The only organisation in Europe devoted to the conservation of invertebrates - which includes bees.  You will find a link to their recent report on pesticide poisoning of bees on their home page.

Bumblebee Conservation Trust - Their name says it all.  Lots of information on bumblebees and their importance to the environment.

Pesticides Action Network - Working to eliminate the dangers of toxic pesticides.

Beekeeping Associations

There are a great many Beekeepers Associations throughout the UK and Ireland, but we have listed only the general British and Irish groups, along with those close to Modern Beekeeping's home county of Devon.

British Beekeepers' Association
The Central Association of Beekeepers
Devon Beekeepers' Association
North Devon Beekeepers' Association
Cornwall Beekeepers' Association
Somerset Beekeepers' Association
The Federation of Irish Beekeepers' Association
Institute of Northern Irish Beekeepers