Queen Rearing

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Kieler Mini Nuc Mating Hive (without top bars)
The Kieler mini nuc is simliar in many respects to the Apidea mini nuc but with one significant e..
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Kieler Mini Nuc Upper Body (without top bars)
This upper body is designed for over-wintering a mini-nuc colony or to allow a queenless mini-nuc..
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Top Bar for Kieler Mini Nuc
The Kieler Mini-Nuc uses special wooden top bars. These are shaped with a cut-away for queen cell..
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Queen Introduction and Travelling Cage
A very well designed and made queen introduction and travelling cage. Unlike others on the market..
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Queen Rearing Cell Cups (Pack of 100)
One hundred disposable plastic cell cups for queen rearing.    Ideal for graf..
Ex Tax: £3.33
Cell Cup Caps
A pack of 10 Cell Cup Caps to be used with the Cup Kit Breeding System. ..
Ex Tax: £2.83
Cell Bar Blocks
Pack of 10 Cell Bar Blocks to be used with the Cup Kit Breeding system. ..
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Hair Roller Cages (Pack of 10)
These cages are simple and functional, often used with a cupkit rearing system the cage is added ..
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Queen Rearing Kit (Pack of 10)
A set of 10 queen rearing cups, sockets and cages. The dark brown spigot is pinned to the ba..
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Queen Marking Kit
This kit contains all you will need to mark this years Queen bees, including: Spring / hair ..
Ex Tax: £9.58
Queen Marking Pen
Water based, non-toxic, non-fade and quick drying marker pens. Perfect for marking your new ..
Ex Tax: £3.75
Corpularva Cassette System
Selecting and picking up larva of the correct age of 18 to 24 hours old takes skill and good eyes..
Ex Tax: £32.92
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This category contains our range of queen rearing equipment. This side of beekeeping is becoming more popular as it can be extremely rewarding and there are many different methods of raising the queens.  

Our low priced Kieler Mating Nucs are flying off the shelves and we feel they are more superior to others in the market due to their size and we also offer the upper bodies, which are handy if you need to over winter a small colony.

If you require any additional information, please feel free to contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help.