6 Frame Medium (Super) Nucleus Hive Body

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The unique design of our nucleus boxes - just like a standard hive, allows the nuc bodies to be stacked on top of each other.  This is useful for uniting nucs, for example after a queen has been removed but the availability of a shallow hive body using Langstroth Medium or Dadant Shallow frames now means that adding a super on a nuc is now easily achieved. 

The medium body will fit on all our Langstroth nucs and would be ideal for over wintering or when a strong nuc needs a bit of extra space.  A plastic queen excluder is easily cut down to fit although most beekeepers would remove the queen exclude when over-wintering.

Potentially, this configuration - 6 frame nuc boxes as brood chambers and Medium supers for the honey crop also opens up the possibility of using these nucs as hives for all year round use.  A 6 frame Jumbo Langstroth used as a brood chamber gives almost as much space as a standard BS National brood chamber although we would also urge you to consider using Medium frames throughout the colony for flexibility and reduced lifting weights - just like our 4004 pattern hives.  

The Medium body comes complete with two frame runners.

Price: £16.20 inc. VAT


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