Adults Clothing and Gloves

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Adults Beekeeping Observer Smock
Please note the new Observer Smocks we now have in stock are Olive Green, not white as shown in t..
Ex Tax: £12.50
Adults Beekeeping Jacket
These Beekeeping jackets probably represent the best value protection on the market today. They a..
Ex Tax: £35.00
Based on 2 reviews.
Adults Beekeeping Suit
A full Beekeeping suit offers the beginner greater confidence but even the most experienced beeke..
Ex Tax: £54.17
Based on 8 reviews.
Beekeeping Round Hat and Veil
This hat and veil will fit both of our suits and jackets. ..
Ex Tax: £11.67
Based on 1 reviews.
Out Of Stock
Beekeeping Leather Gloves
These superb gloves give an excellent sense of feel, essential for gentle handling of the bees.&n..
Ex Tax: £11.42
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Beekeeping Rubber Gloves with Gauntlet
Not to be confused with disposable gloves, these heavy duty Beekeeping gloves are cloth lined wit..
Ex Tax: £9.17
Based on 2 reviews.
Basic Disposable Gloves for Beekeeping (50 pairs)
For normal beekeeping bare hands are quite often sufficient as long as hands are washed between h..
Ex Tax: £5.33
Nitrile Gloves with Long Cuff for Beekeeping (50 pairs)
These gloves are 6ml thick therefore stronger than ordinary Nitrile gloves. The gloves are flexib..
Ex Tax: £12.92
Based on 1 reviews.