Honey Processing

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Honey Paw Slit Uncapper
Introducing the new slit uncapper from Honey Paw, a steam powered patented lightweight tool with ..
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Disposable Superior Coveralls for Beekeeping
This white disposable superior coveralls for beekeeping (50 GSM SUPERIOR) come with a hood, ..
Ex Tax: £5.83
Disposable Sleeve Protectors for Beekeeping
These sleeve protectors are liquid and splash resistant with no laundering required and you ..
Ex Tax: £6.67
Coarse Strainer
Please note: The price above is for the strainer only, a stand needs to be brought separately. ..
Ex Tax: £13.33
Conical Strainer (XX Fine - 200 micron)
Please note: the image above shows the strainer with a stand, which needs to be bought separ..
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Conical Strainer (Fine - 350 micron)
Please note: the image above shows the strainer with a stand, which needs to be bought separately..
Ex Tax: £13.33
Stand for Conical Strainer System (32cm)
A stainless steel ring with adjustable hardwood leg, this stand supports our 32 cm diameter conica..
Ex Tax: £13.75
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Perforated Stainless Steel Cone
This cone fits inside the conical strainer and spreads the heat from our Dana Api Therma heater.&..
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Stainless Steel Double Strainer
A stainless steel strainer with a fine and coarse mesh. This product is good for quickl..
Ex Tax: £30.00
Stainless Steel Honey Mixing Screw
To make soft set honey it is necessary to stir in about 10% of a smooth set honey to act as a..
Ex Tax: £25.83
20 Litre Honey Settling Tank with Valve
This is a plastic settling tank/bucket with a lid and a honey gate/valve. It has a diameter ..
Ex Tax: £20.79
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Basic Disposable Gloves for Beekeeping (50 pairs)
For normal beekeeping bare hands are quite often sufficient as long as hands are washed between h..
Ex Tax: £5.33
Dana Api Therma 550W
A superb thermostatically controlled heating element which fits into our 32 cm conical straining ..
Ex Tax: £114.83
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Nitrile Gloves with Long Cuff for Beekeeping (50 pairs)
These gloves are 6ml thick therefore stronger than ordinary Nitrile gloves. The gloves are flexib..
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Beekeeping Uncapping Fork - Cranked Needles
The simple uncapping fork is still a very effective way of uncapping combs of honey. The cra..
Ex Tax: £4.58
Beekeeping Uncapping Knife
A traditional well-made uncapping knife made by Swienty of Denmark with a wooden handle and scallo..
Ex Tax: £16.67
Disposable Shoe Covers for Beekeeping
These shoe covers come in one size (17 x 41 cm). They are durable, strong and lightweig..
Ex Tax: £14.17

This category contains our range of honey processing equipment. Honey is a high quality foodstuff which deserves careful preparation and handling. As the honey is taken from the extractor most beekeepers give it a quick strain in a simple stainless steel strainer like our double model. After this the honey is usually left in buckets or tanks to settle and depending on the source of the nectar, to crystalise. Before bottling for sale or private consumption the honey needs further straining to remove all visible specks and in the case of set honey it needs to be melted first. Our Dana Api Therma greatly speeds up fine straining of liquid honey and is also designed to cope directly with set honey.

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