Please click here to view a PDF document containing additional information on our Nucleus Hives, which you can print and keep for reference.
How do you feed a nuc?
We now sell a top feeder that is the same design as our full width hive feeder, with one big difference, it has two feeding stations for the bees so that if you have split the hive into two three frame nucs you can feed both colonies syrup at the same time with ease. We find that because our floors are deeper than standard that fondant fits easily below the frames. We also sell 3kg frame feeders which are made from a strong plastic with rigged inside walls for the bees to walk up.
Will the standard depth langstroth nuc boxes fit on top of each other- eg to make 10 to 12 frame winter nuc?
Yes the nuc boxes are made in the same style as our hives and extra brood boxes or medium supers can be added at any time.